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We are the only debt restricting firm that has legal protection included. This debt relief program is the most advanced and affordable in the US. We have debt specialist, consumer protection attorneys, and credit counselors with decades of experience ready to help protect you legally, financially, and mentally. With the knowledge of the “light at the end of the tunnel”, and having a proven winning team on your side your stress level will reduce. Our clients feel healthier and energized knowing they have Trade Guardian on their team. Now is the time to put your life in order and protect your future.

Do not enroll into a settlement program where legal representation does not exist. Or you must pay thousands of dollars extra for lawsuit and debt collector protection.

We have it all and more affordable then anyone in the industry.

Our people make the difference. Every person you speak to is qualified MSTARS certified Debt Specialist. A top-rated certification.

Trade Guardian has been in the finance industry helping clients overcome financial difficulty specifically in in these times of unrest.

Aside from helping our clients in dire need of getting out of severe debt, our Debt Specialists give expert analysis on how to get a handle on their finances, so they do not fall back in the same situation. We also continuously develop learning tools and videos to help clients understand their spending habits.  We always seek out new and creative ways to solve problems in the financial sector. 

Below are examples of FDCPA violations:

  • Communicating with the consumer debtor or anyone else once the debt collector knows the debtor is represented by an attorney.
  • Communicating with the consumer debtor or anyone else once the debt collector knows the debtor is represented by an attorney.
  • Informing others, including family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers that you owe a consumer debt.
  • Using language or symbols on envelopes or any mail parcels that indicate that the communication is from a debt collector or the contents of the mail parcel relates to the collection of debt.
  • Using or threatening the use of physical violence or other means to harm one’s person, reputation, or property.
  • Using language that is intended to abuse the person listening.
  • Calling consumer debtors repeatedly with the intent to annoy, abuse, and harass.
  • Not divulging their identity and collection agency name.
  • Represent falsely that they are a police officer, government official, or affiliated with the United States government.
  • Falsely represent that they are an attorney or that their communication is from an attorney.
  • Threaten that non-payment will result in arrest or imprisonment.
  • Threaten that nonpayment will result in loss of property or loss of wages.
  • Threaten to take action that the collector cannot legally take. One such violation may be the garnishment of wages in a state that does not permit them.
  • State that the consumer committed a crime.
  • Threaten to communicate information that is false or should be known to be false.
  • Use false, misleading, or deceptive information in an attempt to collect a debt.

FDCPA Defense

Congressional findings and declaration of purpose:

  1. A) There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of personal bankruptcies, to marital instability, to the loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy.”

The above is quoted from The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which was enacted to protect consumers from harsh collection practices. Even if you owe a debt you have many rights, which can be violated by debt collectors attempts to persuade you to pay them. Debt collectors have been known to make threats and unreasonable demands in attempt to scare consumers.

Some of these violations are more common than others and there are many additional protections in addition to the ones listed above. An attorney who knows your rights can give you a tremendous advantage when dealing with debt collectors. In fact, violations could even offset what you owe or cause the debt to be dismissed in its entirety. In some cases of repeated violations, collectors could be held liable to compensate you thousands of dollars in addition to any attorney fees. If you are delinquent with any creditor or expect that you may be in the near future, know your rights! Contact Trade Guardian Today

Lawsuit Defense

If a debt is left unresolved, a creditor can file a lawsuit in attempt to collect the debt. Once the judgment is obtained creditors will have additional abilities to collect the debt. Depending the on the state you live in, once a judgment is obtained collectors may be able to: rights! Contact Advantage Legal Center today!

  • Garnish your wages
  • Seize federal and state
    tax returns
  • Put a lien on any property
    that you own
  • Seize nonexempt assets including investments
  • Collect additional interest, legal fees and collections costs

Bankruptcy is NOT the only answer.

Many people think bankruptcy is the only answer when faced with a lawsuit. While a bankruptcy can stop a creditor who is seeking to obtain a judgment, an attorney can often arrange an affordable out-of- court settlement for you with the creditor. More often than not, when a creditor files a lawsuit it is in attempt to obtain a “default judgment” because few people actually respond to the lawsuits. Answering a lawsuit can be a strenuous process for someone who is not familiar with the law.

Advantage Legal Center can respond to a lawsuit, preventing a default judgment, and work to negotiate an out-of-court resolution with your creditor. This may include a settlement for less than what is owed or a low or zero interest long term repayment arrangement. Our attorneys work with clients to provide affordable and flexible legal fees. If you have an account that is threatening legal action, is being collected by an attorney or you have received a summons, contact us right away! Your time to take action is limited and the sooner you act the more options you may have available to you.

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