Timeshare Cancellation

At Trade Guardian being a credit and risk management firm we are regulated by state and the federal government agencies and laws. This provides a level of accountability and professionalism not seen in the timeshare cancellation industry. We specialize in mitigating risk where we find timeshares being rated on the high end of the risk scale. 

We conduct full credit management for clients we find timeshares being a liability and complete money pit. This poses a problem for retirement, wealth building, and protecting against risk. Our clients need the help of getting this timeshare off their debt to income calculation, and have it done legally, and affordably.

Timeshare Cancellation

Trade Guardian’s timeshare cancellation attorneys have years of experience and proven success to cancel timeshare contracts, delete the mortgages, and even file litigation to recover monies spent to acquire the timeshare. There are variables for the results of financial settlement due to each client has different levels of risk, and different levels of fraud. A majority of the cases filed in federal court result in financial settlement in favor of our clients.

If you find that you were lied to, defrauded against, and taken advantage of then you need to use our timeshare cancellation  program. We will have your timeshare contract cancelled, the debt obligation removed, the trade line deleted from your credit report, and all of this with a money back guarantee. During the process you will have creditor protection, collection agency protection, and counter suit protection. We don’t believe in having unnecessary risk, so we cover all angles.

Both Trade Guardian and our attorneys are American Bar Association Members. We are Board Certified For Credit Counseling and Risk Management. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, each client has $1,000,000 in liability protection, and identity theft protection.

We offer free consultations and would love to share how we can help you.

The Legal and Safest Timeshare Cancellation.

Our timeshare cancellation attorneys have years of proven success. To be successful in cancelling the contract, deleting the mortgage, transferring the deed, stopping collections, suppressing the trade line on your credit report you need industry professionals. We are not your standard credit and risk management company. We specialize in dealing with unsavory timeshare companies who have violated the law, defrauded timeshare owners, and have taken advantage of thousands of peoples.

We have been recognized by local consumer rights attorney’s such as Attorney Justin Clark, where we have been on the radio You Have Power, Behind The Law With Justin Clark, and shown on ABC Channel 6 for You Got Real Estate With Attorney Justin Clark. We have an amazing reputation and back all of our results with a money back guarantee.

Cancel your timeshare today, Guaranteed timeshare cancellation

We will 100% cancel your timeshare contract with almost any timeshare developer. We will stop harassing phone calls, debt collections, foreclosure, charge off’s, and more timeshare payments.

We cancel timeshares from any state, and we guarantee our results.  Should Trade guardian fail to deliver the service agreed upon. The Client will be entitled to a refund of 100% fees paid in the cancellation process.

Contact us for a free consultation to hear your options, guarantee’s, strategy, and payment options.

Here's what our program includes:

Review and Assess

First we must review your current situation. We will define the level of fraud and risk. Depending on the clients needs we develop a guaranteed strategy to cancel the timeshare and more.

Credit Protection and Legal Action

We provide every client with an online portal so they can be apart of the whole process. We will manage their credit while our attorney's present legal action for timeshare cancellation.

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We listen, we educate, we guide, and we assist our clients every step of the way: Guaranteed!

Free Consultation

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