Vanessa Velardez Is Our Power House Real Estate Partner of 2020.

Trade Guardian strives to have partnerships with only industry leading and ethically sound professionals. The range of industries is extensive and real estate sits in the top 3.

Vanessa brings some of California’s quality properties to her clients.

Across America there are thousands of realtors and real estate agencies. Every month new agents become licensed and another group gives up on their new found profession. Real estate is a difficult industry to be successful in due to the level of intensity one needs to break new ground and develop stability. Real estate many find the top 10% of the industry does 70% of the production. These numbers are also similar to the insurance industry.

We were introduced to Vanessa early this year and we could not be more blessed. The level professionalism and dedication to her clients success is why she occupies the top 10% in her area in California.

As a realtor you run into many different economic situations and all walks of life. Affordability and value are a big concern to most new homeowners and unfortunately some don’t have all the options available.

Being a master in investment properties Vanessa has earned her clients millions in real estate earnings.

The reason why most home hunters are not qualified, have the best rates, the highest dollar amount offered, and lowest amount of fee’s primarily due to credit.

Vanessa has taken charge by partnering with Trade Guardian to offer her clients a customized credit management plan for each one of them. She has now become a credit heroe and will soon be handing her clients a set of their new keys.

Having options is great, having professional guidance is perfect.

All.of her clients enrolled in our program are ecstatic on the speed of enrollment, the affordability, the education, and the game plan for prove results.

Vanessa’s clients are experiencing 60-200 point increases, adding their current rent to their credit reports, obtaining new lines of credit, adding utility bills to report alternative data developing her clients credit profiles to become complete.

We are proud to name Vanessa Velardez our Top Realtor Partner in California for 2020. We encourage anyone to contact her of they feel that homeownership is in their future, or you currently are a homeowner seeking a new opportunity. Vanessa has lifted the bar for real estate investing with her experience in investment property sales and management.

You can contact Vanessa Velardez at Harcourts Hunter Mason in Redondo Beach, or call her on 310-714-9155.

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